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To provide the Word of God through a beautiful Bible - free of charge.

About Us

The impact of a Bible in one’s hand is immeasurable. It can change an attitude or save a life. It can instruct and inspire. The Word lifts the spirit, encourages the heart and renews the mind.

Individuals, churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and inner-city organizations, can receive their own Bible from CityOfAgape as a gift. Each Bible includes a list of passages for celebrating a marriage or graduation, overcoming pride, experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness or doubt, and finding hope through God’s forgiveness.

Our Beginning

In a hotel room, on a dark, lonely night, a certain man found himself at the crossroads of his life. His rise to success and influence at a young age had come to an end without a spiritual compass. With only $1200 cash, a closed bank account, one very worn vehicle, a wife and a newborn baby, life seemed hopeless. As he sat at his bedside, he noticed a Bible on the nightstand. Moved to pick it up, he began to read. With each word, as he turned the pages, his hope was being restored. A Bible placed by the Gideons in that hotel room, changed this man’s life and became the seed for a vision to share God’s Word with others.

Decades later, that man rebuilt his life and established a strong community-minded business founded on a renewed love and devotion to God’s Holy Word. In 2007, with the support of his company, he stepped out in faith and began gifting Bibles to all who asked. Eight years later, over 350,000 hardcover Bibles were distributed free of charge.

In 2014, his faith was challenged again by the tragic and untimely death of his youngest daughter. Once again, he would only find solace in God’s loving Word. Motivated by the memory of his daughter and with the desire to continue providing scriptures he established CityOfAgape.

We feel privileged in helping spread this message and are thankful for every opportunity to do so.  We pray for God’s help and guidance to make this happen. At CityOfAgape Charitable Foundation we feel we are ‘unworthy servants doing what we are here to do.’  Thank you for your help in this mission.

— CityOfAgape Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

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